Mark Levin accused President Biden Sunday of being an incoherent “bigot” for his entire political career.

“Biden can barely get his act together to give a speech on any substantive topic. But if you wind him up and turn him loose, the demagogue and propagandist that he is. In other words, the bigot that he’s been throughout his career in the United States Senate and elsewhere, that’s where he gets all worked up, and his sentences are actually mostly completed in full,” Levin said.

Levin said the Democrats are trying to put their socialist agenda in place in order to secure power for themselves. The news host said he wonders whether America should still be considered the United States or the “United States of the Democrat Party.”

“The Democrat Party is constantly pushing, pushing, pushing, and often pushing illegalities to change our nation not for the better, but for their power,” he said.

“Why is it that the Democrat Party’s agenda, no matter how preposterous, extreme or outrageous, becomes the agenda for the nation, becomes the issue in front of the nation that has to be debated and discussed endlessly?” Levin asked.

Adding that if Americans aren’t on board with Biden’s agenda, they are considered pariahs.

“If you don’t support what the Democrats want to do, then democracy will die. Who talks like this? This is a cheap imitation of Benito Mussolini. That’s what it is,” Levin said.

“They talk about dictatorship. My God! Biden swings from the most outrageous, irresponsible spending bill that he can’t get passed to the most outrageous, outrageous attempt to nationalize to change our voting system, violating the federal constitution, violating the authority of the state legislatures. And if you disagree with Joe Biden and his party and the propagandists and surrogates who support it, then there’s something wrong with you,” Levin continued.

Levin said that he believes the media and Democrats work together to destroy “Americanism” and to implement a “Marxist” agenda. One example of this, he said, can be seen in the way the establishment treated former President Trump. Because Trump was an outsider, they had to bring out the big guns to take him down.

“The collusion between the American so-called media and the intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement again trying to destroy the Trump presidency as they are trying to destroy post-Trump presidency today because they fear him. They fear him because he’s not one of them. So they have to destroy him,” Levin said.

From voting rights to packing the Supreme Court to adding states, eliminating the filibuster, and keeping the borders open for illegal immigrants, Levin said Democrats are only looking out for themselves and that it’s never about democracy or the interests of the American people.

“Everything the Democrat Party pushes, everything their media push, everything their academies push is about empowering the Democrat Party to empower the American Marxist movement,” Levin said.